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What Lies Beneath

Omega creates as-built maps of utility locations. An as-built map is a set of digital drawings that show the exact dimensions, geometry and location of all elements of the work completed under the contract. These maps provide and image of what is above/below the surface of your property.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be calibrated to capture images through asphalt, concrete, rock, turf, etc.

A (charged) pipe made of PVC, concrete, or metal can be located underground, as well as rock and fiber-optic cable. Are you looking for a paved-over water valve or man-hole cover? We find those frequently, as well.

We create as-built maps for municipal administrators. Recently, Omega was contacted by the city of Cornelia, Georgia. Like many municipalities, precise knowledge of their downtown water system was limited. Pipes were located by the most-informed employee’s best guess. In the event of a problem, the city had to cut the water to the entire downtown area as it repaired an isolated issue. Omega helped them locate and map their pipes and more importantly, their valves, so they could adjust water flow appropriately in the event of future issues.

In addition, we are available to respond in a timely manner to unexpected problems occurring in unmapped areas. Omega helps to prevent further undo headache or expense.

Considering depth limitations (10-15 feet), locating the problem area is a very attainable possibility. Until time to confirm and repair said problem, you can leave your shovel in the truck. The process of digging is not only time consuming but often futile. Consider a leak where the leaked fluid travels deeper underground instead of surfacing. Normally, it would be necessary to dig many linear feet of pipe to unearth the leak. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to pinpoint the issue from the surface is available.