Meet our Team

Len Strozier - President & CEO

From 2007 to Present, I am the face of Omega Mapping Services. Never knowing the genealogical perfect storm which was brewing, I merely followed a lifelong passion to preserve Cemeteries. After we added Ground Penetrating Radar services in 2009, OMS immediately added another market to the Business Plan, mapping municipal infrastructure. Now in our 12th year, we have mapped municipal infrastructure and cemeteries in 18 states.

Raye Turner, Vice President (Franchising and COO)

Fall of 2017 Raye introduced Omega to Franchising. For more than 30 years Raye has been a Franchise Consultant. Having grown up in Jonesboro (Ga) Raye was personal friends with the Truett Cathy Family of Chick-Fil-A thereby witnessing franchising first-hand. With OMS he created Franchisee contracts and three new Franchisees plus, Raye oversees the production of The Omega Mark and other new OMS endeavors.

Julian Ward, Vice President (Sales)

Since 1994 Julian is strategically involved in the funeral and cemetery industry. Twice he was a Million Dollar producer for the Loewen Group and Alderwoods Corporations. Since 2006 Julian is the President of Omega Planning Resources. Omega Planning was the forerunner of Omega Mapping. Currently, Omega Planning Resources is a funeral pre-need company with annual sales of $8-10 million. 


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