City GPR Mapping Services

Reduce expenses by creating an underground utility map before you dig and avoid costly accidents

Working with many cities over the last couple decades we have been able to locate busted pipes, underground caves, un-mapped utilities and much more. Using Ground Penetrating Radar for underground mapping and the use of GPS/GIS units allows us to make detailed maps over streets, in buildings, and accross properties saving you time and money know knowing what’s underground before you dig.

Why choose our GPR/GPS Mapping Services

Underground Utilities Located

Whenever you need to repair pipes or wires, every manager knows: “As-built” maps are gold! For 12 years Omega Mapping Services has not only used GPR to discover infrastructure, we use the best in GPS technology to record the discovery. From the smallest municipality to the largest, we have the experience to find your pipes, wires and cables, through all sorts of surface medium such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, turf, etc.

We can save your maps in vector graphics, PDF, or GIS formats. Contact us with questions and we will gladly explain our process. If you need, we will schedule a time to come to your site and demo our equipment.

Busted Pipes Found Quickly

With Ground Penetrating Radar Omega Mapping Services technicians often can determine the composition and dimensions of pipes. In some situations, pipes can be buried right next to each other and we can see this but identify which is which can be difficult in some cases. This is not uncommon. We occasionally request you to dig a pothole in certain locations so we can ensure your “as-built” maps are very accurate for posterity.