Omega Mapping in the News

Mysterious Unmarked Graves To Be Marked In Powder Springs

Posted 5/23/2014

That?s when the Seven Springs Historical Society will reveal a monument marking 135 previously unmarked graves in the historic Baptist Cemetery, graves that could date back to before 1840.

THOMASVILLE, GA Locates Over 800 Unmarked Graves

Posted 8/01/2011

Over the last two weeks more than 800 unmarked graves were discovered in the Old and Flipper Cemeteries. “Not only are we drawing renderings of what we see on the surface, but we’re in the process of doing a ground penetrating radar scan” said Strozier. Strozier says some of the unmarked graves discovered at the Old Cemetery in Thomasville date back to as early as the mid to late 1700’s.

Greenfield Reporter Recognizes Omega Mapping Services

Posted: 7/31/2018

Rather, his business, Omega Mapping Services, specializes in identifying unmarked graves for people who died many years ago, he said. Not only does this help the caretakers of cemeteries to maximize their acreage, but it allows descendants of the deceased to locate exact spots of sacred ground, Strozier said.

Lost & Forgotten Graves Recognized At Macon Cemetery

Posted: 7/02/2016

Omega owner Len Strozier said he would not be surprised to find 800 to 1,400 unmarked burials in the Oak Ridge section, where numerous paupers and slaves were buried. Overall, there could be more than 2,000 unknown plots throughout Rose Hill, he said. The mapping would also allow Macon-Bibb to determine where open spaces are there so others can be buried inside the cemetery. The mapping process would likely take at least 10 months to complete.

Dozens Of Graves Discovered Under Chastain Park Golf Course?

Posted: 5/23/2014

Golfers at North Fulton Golf Course in Buckhead’s Chastain Park were surprised to learn a surveyor discovered as many as 84 old and unmarked graves just feet from the fifth green.

Mapping Service Helps To Locate Unmarked Graves At Madisonville Cemetery

Posted: 5/14/2018

Using technology like GPS, ground penetrating radar and satellite images, they create a site overview and digitally draw printable as-built maps. “If you look around, you will see all these vast areas of open space. There is a good chance there are people buried there.” said Madisonville Cemetery member Clark Osborne.