Underground Maps

In order to provide underground maps, we must first map your city or cemetery with ground-penetrating radar

Underground Maps for Cemeteries

Underground maps are perfect for maximizing the real estate usage for cemeteries. Over generations of use, gravestones can be lost to time, buried under dirt, washed away, or destroyed. By utilizing our service for GPR/GPS underground mapping we are able to locate all lost burials, stones, and unused property allowing the cemetery to now utilize that space for new plots and increase real estate value. A Cemetery Burial Plot Map is a valuable asset to your site’s visitors as well as cemetery management.

Underground Maps for Cities/Municipalities

As a city grows, records of utilities buried throughout the city can be lost. This causes a huge issue when developing and growing the city as cutting a utility can cause safety hazards as well as hardships for your citizens. By utilizing our GPR/GPS underground mapping services for your city we are able to give you an updated and accurate map so you can dig in peace and always have highly accurate underground maps to avoid costly digging errors.

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GPS/GPR maps for cemeteries.

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GPS/GPR maps for municipalities.

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