A road trip that took you to one major monument or landmark in each continental state would take you at least 224 hours of driving.  That is 9.33 days of driving nonstop. It would take 2-3 months of traveling to spend a decent amount of time at each place without spending long stretches of time driving.  Of course, who only wants to see one site in each state?

Image courtesy of Randal S. Olson


Sadly, most of us are unable to get 3 months worth of vacation days from work.  Also, most of us would need a way to earn an income on the road to even begin to imagine taking this epic road trip.

Becoming an Omega Mapping traveling Franchisee may be a good solution for you. Omega Mapping Franchisees travel the country, seeing the amazing sites, discovering history, AND earning an income at the same time!  This makes becoming a traveling Franchisee a dream job for those who wish to see the amazing sites that our country has to offer, to explore the most interesting cities, and visit the historical landmarks spread through the country.  It is also a wonderful opportunity for history lovers to help uncover a little glimpse of the past at each site they map. You never know for sure what you will discover when mapping a site.

Check out our News https://omegamapping.com/news and Stories https://omegamapping.com/blog/ to read about some of the fascinating discoveries that Omega Mapping?s Owner, Len, has made.

What do Omega Mapping traveling Franchisees do? They schedule appointments with clients based on where they want to go.  They travel to the client?s location and use GPS/GIS along with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to map the desired location.  You are probably thinking, ?GPR? GIS? Huh?!?. Relax!

As an Omega Mapping Franchisee, you will be thoroughly trained by our team to use all of the hardware and software equipment needed AND you will be taught sales techniques to help you gain clients wherever your travels take you. Even once your training is complete, Omega Mapping offers continued support to ensure you are successful in your endeavors.

Now you are thinking, ?Equipment? I won?t have any room for my personal belongings?.  Don?t worry! Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and 2 GPS units easily fold up and fit in an RV (think oversized stroller)  and leave you plenty of extra space for your personal belongings.

Below is a picture of Omega Mapping Owner, Len Strozier, using the GPR and GPS equipment to map a cemetery.

Whether you dream of full time RVing, taking the road trip of your dreams, or just hopping in your RV from time to time, becoming an Omega Mapping Franchisee can give you the financial freedom to go for it.