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Using Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR) for underground mapping we are able to view underground BEFORE you dig. We discover your infrastructure BEFORE there is an issue. We can "see" infrastructure BEFORE you bore that hole or dig that new pipe. In cemeteries we show you where unmarked burials are located BEFORE you sell that lot.

Precision Digging
Unused Gravespace
Underground Cave
Unmarked Graves
More than 750,000 Burials mapped

Cemeteries Underground Mapping

Using the proven technology of Ground Penetrating Radar and GPS locating we are able to digitally map your entire cemetery thus finding unmarked graves and empty plots. The history we have uncovered is amazing and we pride ourselves in respect and expertise.

If you have a historic cemetery or even a single family lot that hasn't been mapped we can walk it and tell you where unmarked burials are located AND new spaces which you can use for future burials. If you know any cemeterians then please let them know of our service, they would truly appreciate it.

Cemetery Mapping

Municipalities Underground Mapping

Cities grow quickly and before you know it the infrastructure is old, needing expensive repair. With our underground mapping service using Ground Penetrating Radar and GPS we can help you budget for those repairs in advance. We can draw an underground map of your community over a multiyear budgetary process. We can phase in a complete map of your community.

Municipalities Mapping
Franchise Opportunities

Have you ever dreamed of being your own boss? Are you an investor looking for the next big thing? Omega Mapping Services offers you everything you need to run a successful mapping business of your own.

We provide an extremely cost effective way of mapping underground which can be used in municipalities as well as cemeteries. All you have to do is connect with people and show them how much easier their jobs could be.

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