Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services


City GPR Services

Mapping for underground utilities such as metal and plastic pipes, post-tension cables, digging requirements, underground storage tanks (UST), and much more.

Cemetery GPR Services

Provide the best service to your visitors and maximize your cemetery’s potential real estate by mapping both marked and unmarked burial plots using GPR.

Underground Maps 

Our subsurface mapping solutions use top of the line GPR equipment and come complete with accurate GPS coordinates and underground maps for your project.

How GPR Works

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems perform a nondestructive and noninvasive method of geophysical testing that uses reflected signals and electromagnetic energy to accurately map an underground area. Lower or Higher frequencies of radio waves are used depending on the makeup of the substrate as well as the materials being searched for. For more information on how GPR works, click the button below.

GPR Services

We cover all 48 Contiguous United States for mapping services. From mapping cemeteries of any size and underground utility locating for cities and municipalities. Our trained GPR Field technicians will use state of the art ground penetrating radar systems to accurately map your specified location using GPS/GIS and GPR data.

Cemetery GPR & GPS Mapping Services

GPS/GPR maps for cemeteries.

City GPR Mapping Services

GPS/GPR maps for municipalities.

GPR RV Franchise Opporunities

A Cemeterian’s Dream

From the Omega Family

The Omega Mark V.2

Revolutionizing the way your loved ones are preserved in history the Omega Mark works to create a modern solution to remembering your loved ones and sharing those memories with family for generations to come.

Discover History

Having provided underground cemetery mapping services for over 10 years and mapping well over 750,000 interments in cemeteries from every size we have uncovered some magnificent discoveries that have been featured in the news over and over again.


Free GPR Quote

Don't know where to start?

Don’t worry, our team of experienced GPR mapping professionals will help you understand our pricing structure and further explain the plentiful benefits of having extremely accurate underground maps.

GPR Professional Services

You can rest assured a trained GPR professional will be there on-site with their ground-penetrating radar device mapping every inch of your cemetery with high-accuracy making a map that will last ages. Omega Mapping provides professional GPR and GPS services throughout the nation. 


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