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RV Franchise Training

We will ensure you are properly trained in how to use all the hardware and software that you will be using. You will know how to use the Ground Penetrating Radar to understand what's underground as well as the GPS coordinates mapped so you can send it to us for digital post processing. We will train you in sales. We will also make sure you understand the full extent of services that you can provide to your clients and the best way to provide these services.

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Hardware that Travels

Our Ground Penetrating Radar unit and 2x GPS units work great for travel as they are not overly large and can easily fit in your standard RV. That is why RV Franchises work so well with Omega Mapping Services as you are able to take all the equipment with you. We handle all the post processing so all you need to do is travel, map, get the data, and send it off. Then you travel to your next destination while enjoying the RV life.

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GPR Machine
2x GPS Units
Ongoing Support

Sales Support

We help will be there with you from the start and through-out your business relationship to ensure you have all the sales support you need to get the results you desire. Our years of learning and understanding of our services helps you get a headstart in this industry.

Post Processing

Once you have mapped the properties you need to deliver the final products of maps and coordinates. We provide digital post processing where we process the data you provide and provide you with the results. We can even mail it directly to your client to help you focus on the business more.

Accounting Support

We provide accounting setup and support using Quickbooks Online to help you get started on the right track and ensure you get the most time to focus on your business and getting your cash flow up.

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We provide your RV Franchise with a website that matches your brand colors and utilizes a design that works to convert leads and generate you revenue. The website will target the general areas that you service.


Our team knows SEO inside and out and helps maximize your websites results to utlize your local market and focus on growing your business organically. SEO includes the ability to share to social media platforms and setup a Google Business Listing for your hosting office.


With mobile use greater than desktop use your website must be responsive to work on various devices and we ensure your website is responsive.


Staying on the cutting edge of technology, we make your website AMP (Amplified Mobile Pages) so the website is lightning fast and mobile user friendly. In today's world if your website loads slow, you loose business.

Social Media

We will set you up with your standard social media and can offer ongoing social media services in order to maximize your presence online and work to generate leads from social media platforms such as Facebook and others.

Content Creation

We can write your website content or blog posts to help you grow your online presence and branding. Having content writers who are able to interview you and understand the branding and style your business is displaying and knowing the services offered makes the process seemless.

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